Earlier this month I heard the message loud and clear from Punxsutawney, six more weeks of winter. I immediately sprung into action and created this warm and delicious chicken lime tortilla soup to help me through the season. Even though this soup can be enjoyed year-round, it will satisfy your palate in the coldest winter with its hearty taste and bold spices. Gone are the soggy corn tortilla strips and sodium-laden chicken broths. This recipe uses a fresh homemade chicken broth with crunchy tortillas that add a beautiful contrast to the soft flavorful ingredients in this dish. Start this meal early and reward yourself with the fresh authentic taste of Tex-Mex.


  • To keep the soup warm, heat your bowls in the oven on 170 degrees for 10 minutes.
  • Make it fast – Purchase chicken stock in the store and make this recipe in about an hour.
  • There is no substitute for homemade chicken stock.